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Sandra's Story
Business Solutions Consultant

Hi, I’m Sandra, the proud founder of Thompson Administration Services. 


Based in Kilkenny with my husband and two children, Thompson Administration Services launched in March 2021. The idea was to put my administrative experience to use in another way and build a more flexible life for my family. 


Once I started, I realised so many other business owners feel the same. They want to create a business that works for them - one that fits into their life while they share their passion and make a difference. 


But we all know it’s not that easy. It’s hard to say no to opportunities or trust someone else with your ideas. 


It’s a lesson I learned as my business started to expand. Connection and trust are two of the most important things for real, sustainable growth. 


I pour my heart and soul into my own business and treat every single client in the same way. Your wins are my wins, your mistakes are my mistakes, and we learn from each other at every turn. 


Working with like-minded people who are driven, determined and passionate about everything they do is at the core of Thompson Administration Services. 


If you’re looking for a business consultant who will challenge, champion and change your business for the better, you’ve come to the right place. 


Can’t wait to work with you!


We are approachable 


Approachable is: warm, personable, relatable

Approachable is not: exclusive, closed off or confusing


Our clients want to be able to trust and relate to whoever they work with. They want to feel that their business is being looked after by someone who understands what it’s like, and they can feel safe speaking to about anything. 


We are passionate 


Passionate is: active, encouraging, ambitious

Passionate is not: causal, half-hearted or passive


Our clients want to know that we are as passionate about their business as they are. They want us to show that we care and are actively working towards both our goals and theirs. They want to see real passion and energy in what we talk about. 


We are reliable


Reliable is: trustworthy, consistent, honest

Reliable is not: guarded, dishonest, unclear


Our clients need to know they can trust us with their business. They want to have full belief in the timelines and services we present. They value open communication and honesty and don’t engage with those who are all talk and no follow through. 

We are experts


Experts are: knowledgeable, supportive, hard-working

Experts are not: vague, confusing, inefficient


Our clients work with people like them: ambitious, knowledgeable and hardworking. They want to work with people who know what they’re talking about and can provide real value to their business in a way they can see and understand clearly. 

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