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Cup of Coffee
Associate Opportunities
Thompson Admin Services accommodates clients with an array of bespoke services and as we are growing, we need to grow our team to ensure we can continue to keep everything as seamless as possible.
Please see the below steps and what is involved.
Of course, we are always here to answer your questions and are happy to help :)

What Do We Need?

Please complete our Application Form

If you are interested in joining the team I would love to hear a little more about you and your business/skills that you can bring to the business.

Please complete this form.

Next Step:
Zoom Call

The next stage, if successful, will be a short Zoom Call with myself and Nicole to delve into everything a little further. Dealing with both parties expectations and also ensuring that we are supporting you and your needs as best we can!

Contract & Join the Team!

We will then review everything and if successful, we'll be in touch with an Associate contract, SOP and also a link to join our team group for all the updates, chats and job shares.

Ongoing Process

Job Opportunities that are sent to Thompson Administration Services are sent to the group along with a proposal application form.

Associates must apply, using this form, within 48hrs. This is to ensure that we are back to our potential client swiftly and efficiently.

A call is organised, between Sandra and the potential client for the following week.

Sandra will have your proposals for the call and seek the best fit for the client.

Sandra will then create a proposal for our client based on the associates proposal, timelines, capacity and budget.

Sandra and Nicole will then liaise between Client and Associate to ensure all targets, projects and ongoing work is completed and that both Client and Associate are happy :)

Please note, which is really important to Sandra, this is not about competition, this is collaboration - Sandra will shout your business from the rooftops!! You will have gone through a process to get through to being an Associate and Sandra will help your business in every way that she can :)

Each Associate will have their own email address which will be required to use on all Thompson Administration Services work. This is for GDPR reasons and also the contract is with the Client and Thompson Administration Services and if required Sandra will need access to emails in events of sickness, or holidays etc. This is to ensure that you also always have your flexibility and we can jump it at any time.

Sandra and Nicole will always be on hand to the Associate for any help, queries or simply bouncing ideas off :)

We will hold a monthly Team Meeting, just coffee and chats and updates on how everyone is getting on. I really would love to have this as a help to the Associates, as well as the Associate helping my business grow and being able to offer a full 360 offering to clients :)

Discounted rate access to The Accountability Programme also for all that apply as a thank you and also to hopefully help you and your business :)

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