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Do you find yourself questioning your business decisions?

Do you find that you don't make time for your own business to succeed and grow?

Has your client/customer journey slipped due to just being too busy?

Are you completely overwhelmed when you look at your to-do list?

Are you so busy that you have no time for family, yourself and future plans?

If any of these questions sound familiar to you, I would love to hear from you. My aim when joining up with another business owner, is to make the whole self-employed life easier. To break down tasks, to complete audits on where time is being spent, find out how to streamline processes to bring more efficiency to the business, more money to the business and a greater client journey within the business.

I have worked with many clients now that all face the same issues - we tackle them, I become your right-hand woman, I will always have your back (and be honest when I need to be!). I pride myself in being approachable and always striving to get the best out of both the business owner and their business. I enjoy it and I am passionate about it.

Please see below how we can work together - just reach out if you have any questions - I'd be happy to answer anything you need. If I am at full capacity I will always recommend someone that I feel may be suitable. I love to help and also support in any way that I can.

Project Package

I am available for one off projects, on occasion, for €45 per hour (+VAT).

This may be to set up your bookkeeping system, your CRM, to do an SOP audit on your business, create an ebook for your client programmes etc.

Contact me for more information and availability.

5 Hour Retainer

This service can provide management of emails, booking systems or upkeep on client correspondence to ensure there is an incredible customer journey within your business.

Your investment for this 5 hour weekly retainer will be €200 per week (+VAT).

Contact me for more information and availability.

Business Support & Consultancy

10 Hour Retainer

Similar to my 5 Hour Retainer package, this can be used for general admin within your business. Managing systems, the customer journey, creating ebooks, managing subscriptions etc.

Your investment for this 10 hour weekly

retainer will be €400

per week (+VAT).

Contact me for more information and availability.

Online Business Manager

This is my most in-depth package. I get right into your business with this package. I envisage an Online Business Manager being heavily involved in almost all aspects of the business - managing systems, staff, services and a very hands on approach with the operations of your business.

Rates here are dependent on hours, tasks and size of business. I would love to chat with you to see if we are the right fit for one another.


Contact me for more information.

How does this work?


Reach out to me, via email or contact me here on my website.

I will be back in touch within 24 hours.


In my response to you, I will pop you a short questionnaire so that I can gather some information on your business, what you are looking for and see how best I can help you. I will also pop you a calendar link and we will book you in for a short 15 minute consultation call, so we can meet and discuss further.


Once we meet, via Zoom, I will work on my proposal for you and your business if we both feel we are compatible with one another. You will receive this proposal within 24 hours. You can then take this away and see if what I have suggested will work for you and your business. I will request that you respond to me within 3 working days so that we can arrange to either start working together or if not, that I can open up my book again.


On agreement of proposal, whichever retainer is suitable to your needs, I will then issue a contract and we will arrange an exact start day and take on your business goals together!

I invoice on a monthly basis - usually the last Friday of the month. 


We get going on the agreed date and reach those goals!

I always suggest regular contact via Slack, which I will set up and provide a guide on how to use. 

We will also set out a monthly Zoom call in advance to catch up and make the following months goals.

Who We Work With

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Let's Work Together

I understand that letting someone in to your business may be hard - but this is all part of it - the fact that I understand this is helpful and I work in utmost confidence and always promise to help you succeed and also to be a huge support.

Take the first step and arrange a no obligation chat and see what you think :)

Contact me here or via email,

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