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When joining up with another business owner, our aim is to make the whole self-employed life easier. We break down tasks to complete audits on where time is being spent and find out how to best streamline processes to bring more efficiency to the business, more money to the business and a greater client journey within the business.

We have worked with many clients now that face the same issues - we tackle them, become your right-hand women, and always have your back. We pride ourselves in being approachable and we are always striving to get the best out of both the business owner and their business.

This is our passion and we will help you succeed.

Our Process

If you feel this is for you, here is our simple process:

  • Tell us about your business, your business struggles and your ideal scenario of help on this short form.

  • You will immediately receive more information about Nicole and Sandra, about Thompson Admin Services, our prices, and also a link to book in for a discovery call to meet with Nicole and Sandra.

  • Once discovery call is booked, we will meet with you to discuss everything. Within 48 hours we will issue you with a proposal if we feel the fit is right.

  • On agreement of proposal, whichever retainer is suitable to your needs, we will then issue a contract and we will arrange an exact start day and take on your business goals together!



Nicole joined Thompson Administration Services in 2023 as the Assistant OBM and is a key support to Sandra and the team in administration, streamlining all aspects of the business and all-round support.

Nicole lives in Wexford with her husband and two boys. With many years of experience in online and tech support, Nicole is passionate about bringing her skills to businesses to see them achieve more, in less time, saving time and resources. Nicole can see where time is best spent and streamline everything possible!

Thompson Admin Services is thrilled and honoured that Nicole has joined as an Associate and is willing to take on the role of Assistant OBM and help Sandra bring the best service to your business..

Please see Nicole's own business for further offerings such as E-Book Creation, 1:1 Coaching Sessions etc.

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