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Social Media Strategy

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To take you from being confused, feeling frustrated and ill-prepared when it comes to your Social Media to being in control and posting with purpose.

Our tailored, actionable Strategy by our Digital Strategist, Evelina, will give you clear, actionable steps when it comes to your Social Media. 

Evelina will delve into your business and your Social Media and provide all of the information you require to take away with you on your personalised Strategy to refer to in the weeks and months to come.

Our Process

If you feel this is for you, here is our simple process:

  • Tell us about your business, your marketing struggles and your current marketing efforts on this short form.

  • You will immediately receive more information about Thompson Admin Services, Evelina and a detailed form to complete.

  • Cost of this in-depth, personalised service is €349 + VAT. We will issue your invoice once we receive your form and know that we are the right fit to complete your strategy.

  • Once both payment and form are received, leave the rest to us and we can get to work - we put a 7 to 10 day time frame from this point.

  • Once you have received your strategy, of course the line of communication is still active on this for 7 days. We want you to fully understand everything you have received.

To help you in this process we have decided to offer you extra help!!

Evelina will create a very specific Social Media Content Calendar for your business. This will include 4 post ideas per week using your Business Pillars.

We have two options for this amazing add on to help you further:

1. One Month Content Calendar for €35 + VAT

2. Three Month Content Calendar for €69 + VAT

This will give you all of the content ideas for the chosen period of time.

Please note - there is no graphic design or captions provided here.

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Evelina joined Thompson Administration Services in 2023 as their Digital Strategist as well as a key support to Sandra in administration, decisions and all round business support.

Evelina has a passion for travel, people and all things Social Media and Content Creation. With a keen eye and attention to detail, Evelina can see the missing pieces in your business when it comes to branding, photography and social media.

Evelina started Clikk Media in 2022 and has been able to travel the world while building a very successful business. 

Thompson Admin Services is thrilled and honoured that Evelina has joined as an Associate and is willing to take on the role of Digital Strategist.

Please see Evelina's own business for further offerings such as Brand Photography, Social Media Management etc.

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