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Strategy Session

My Strategy Session is open to anyone at any stage of their business - whether it's still all a dream, a start-up or well established. I offer a fresh eye and advice where needed.


It may be a non-judgemental chat to work through some hiccups or a discussion about your business goals and how to reach them. Running your own business is sometimes lonely and a listening, experienced ear with an outside perspective can be what's needed.


Please note, I have very limited availability for these sessions as I will want to be able to dedicate time to you after our session is complete also - there's more to it than just a Zoom Call :)

What's included in this Strategy Session?

  • Questionnaire to make you really think about your business and what your needs are

  • 60 minute call at a time that suits us both

  • Review of our call sent within 48 hours. This will outline what we discussed, any plans and tips to note going forward.

  • I will provide direct access to me for 3 weeks directly following our call (Monday to Thursday) for any questions that prop up based on things from our call together

  • You will hopefully feel more organised and motivated to reach your goals, make some business/personal changes and also felt heard and understood by a fellow business owner!

The full investment for this session, including a further three weeks access to me, is €195.

How does this work?


Reach out to me, via email or contact me here on my website.

I will be back in touch within 24 hours with a questionnaire to learn a little more about you, your business and what you would like to achieve in our session.


Once I receive your questionnaire, I will review everything and ensure that I am confident I will be able help you, I will send you my calendar link to arrange a call at a time that suits both of us. This call will be 60 minutes.

You will also receive an invoice to pay in advance of our session and to secure your spot.

In advance of this call, I will send you a rough agenda so that we both stay on track and get the most out of the session together.


Once we have met and gone through all of your questions and ideas and we have blasted through some of your main concerns - I will pop you a PDF of what we discussed and what plans/goals we set so that you will have this to refer too.

If applicable, I will also provide you with templates to guide you.


The aim of this call is to put out the real issues you are facing in your business, what is taking up all of your time, are your processes correct, how is your onboarding process, how is the accountancy side of things etc... there are many areas we can and will touch on to ensure you feel further equipped to tackle your issues after our call!


To ensure that you are getting the most out of our session and understand everything, I will offer you direct contact via Slack/WhatsApp (Monday to Friday) for three weeks directly following our call.

Who We Work With

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Let's Work Together

I understand that letting someone in to your business may be hard - but this is all part of it - the fact that I understand this is helpful and I work in utmost confidence and always promise to help you succeed and also to be a huge support.

Take the first step and arrange a no obligation chat and see what you think :)

Contact me here or via email,

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