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Hello, I'm Sandra!

Thompson Admin Services supports business owners to take the next step forward in their business with the support of our trusted team of experts. 


At Thompson Admin Services, we are a team of dedicated service providers passionate about helping business owners reach their potential. 


With a shared passion for seeing your business succeed, we will work together to bring your ideas and goals to life. We will be your number one fan, cheerleader, and trusted teammate every step of the way.


Our expert team is on hand to support your business needs, from consultation stages right through to implementation and everything in between. 


Your business is our priority.

We understand the highs and lows of running a business. It can be hard to step back and see the big picture. 


That’s what we’re here for. 


By learning how you and your business work, we will give you honest and expert advice on improving your business operations and overcoming challenges. 


With our talented team of experts, we will support you in implementing those solutions to bring your business to the next level!


Let’s work together!

What Are You Looking For?

Business Strategy & Consultancy

Social Media Support & Strategies






Virtual Services & Administration

One Off Project/ Website


Who are our clients? 


Our clients are business owners with ambition and ideas to grow their businesses in an achievable and sustainable way. 


They established their businesses by themselves and have been operating for at least 2 years. While they started on their own, asking friends & family for support where needed, they have now begun to expand and outsource. 


They have a core group around them and are very clear on their values and how they run their business. They are family-oriented and motivated by creating a better life for their family, friends and clients/customers. 


They are extremely driven and constantly striving for better. This can mean they are their own worst critic and often delay work or the launch of anything new until they feel it’s right. 

Our clients are personable but professional. They understand the importance of sharing and connecting with others on social media, but they have boundaries in place.

Their lives are busy outside of work with family and friends. They are very supportive and encouraging. They are often the first person people call on when they need help, as they can logically solve a problem and will go above and beyond for those they love.

They look after everyone else before themselves but are at a point where they know this cannot continue if they want to grow and scale their business to where they believe it can go. 



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