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Accountability Programme

We all want our businesses to succeed, and we know what to do to get there. 


But it’s difficult on your own. 


Whether you’re overworked, overwhelmed, or just over the never-ending to-do list, The Accountability Programme was designed with you in mind. 

What does it involve?

Accountability: A weekly email, every Sunday evening, to set actionable goals and take time to reflect on the week past.

Community: Join a group of business owners to share, learn and encourage each other. 

Co-working: Once-a-month co-working call to dedicate time to work on your goals today and catch up on the month gone by.

WhatsApp Access: Access to Sandra on WhatsApp throughout the week Monday to Thursday for second opinions, air things out and advice.

Who Is It For?

At a turning point and ready to make a change

In need of accountability to stay on track

Looking for a non-judgemental space to set their goals

Serious about taking the next step in their business

If you’re at a turning point in your business or need a gentle nudge to get started on those ideas of yours, The Accountability Programme is for you. 


Join a group of like minded business owners with a common goal: to create the business they always dreamed of!


With weekly goal setting emails, monthly co-working calls and non-stop support when you need it, this programme will allow you to finally work ON your business instead of IN it. 


If you’re ready to get serious about taking the next step in your business, you belong here. 


Make the commitment to yourself today!


Sandra Thompson: CEO & Business Solutions Consultant


Sandra can’t help but get involved in your business. She will treat it with as much passion and dedication as her own. By understanding you and your business on a deeper level, Sandra will provide strategic advice and solutions on how to reach your business goals.  

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